Founding Boundfox Studios – We are founded!

Suit up, ladies and gentlemen! Two weeks ago, after we’ve prepared the business registration, we’ve asked our local trade office, if we can register the business fully online due to the coronavirus situation. On the website of the trade office Karlsruhe they mentioned that it is not possible to simply write a mail for the registration. So, after asking, they said it’s totally possible and we simply should send all necessary forms to them.

We’ve prepared a Google Drive folder, put everything in it and mailed it over to the trade office. Some days later, we both received a signed form back, which means: Boundfox Studios is founded! Woohoo 🙂

The next thing we did was to open a bank account. After some serious research, we decided to go with Penta. They provide a German IBAN, multi-user account, VISA debit cards and can be used as a GbR. Other option would be Holvi, almost similar, but a little bit more expensive. Another really interesting option would be Fyrst, but they don’t have credit cards, which is much likely needed as an IT company. All other traditional banks, like Sparkasse, Volksbank etc. were not in our scope as a modern IT company.